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Call for Applications

The Research Platform “The Challenge of Urban Futures” aims at building and strengthening interdisciplinary networks for urban research internationally. To this end it provides grants to incoming and outgoing scholars carrying out research in urban studies coherent with the five research areas (Areas of Research) of the platform.


  • Incoming: junior or senior scholars working abroad aiming at finalising a paper (for publication) or a research proposal (for funding) to be submitted with a partner from the University of Vienna;
  • Outgoing: junior or senior scholars of the University of Vienna aiming at finalising a paper (for publication) or a research proposal (for funding) to be submitted with a partner of the host institution.


From 7 to 28 days.

Financial Support

Aim of this grant is to support the costs associated with a stay at the University of Vienna (incoming grant) or at a host institution abroad (outgoing grant). The grant will not necessarily cover all expenses and is intended only as a contribution to the travel and subsistence costs of the participant.

The grant covers up to

  • Travel costs: max 300€ (within Europe) max 700€ (overseas)
  • Accommodation max 100€ per day
  • The total amount granted will not exceed 2,500€ (within Europe); 2,900€ (Overseas)
  • The grant is based on real expenditures on the basis of documentation
  • For details on reimbursement possibilities and limitations please see the Detailed Guidelines for Applicants

Application Procedure

Applicants should:

  • Obtain the agreement of the hosting institution (letter of invitation) before submitting their application
  • Fill in the online submission form (Application Form) which requires information about: Description of work (background, objectives, justification of the host-institution, expected results in max 1,500 words and thereby clarifying the benefits for the research platform as well as the benefits for the applicant.
  • Include a cost estimate based on the actual travel and accomodation costs. 
  • Include a CV with a list of publications.

For any questions write to

Deadlines and Evaluation Procedure

Application deadlines are

March 31

June 30

September 30

December 31

Applicants should apply 3 to 6 months prior to the intended stay.

They can expect to receive feedback on their application one month after the deadline. For details on the evaluation procedure see the Detailed Guidelines for Applicants.